Providing advice when buying or selling property

We’ve been helping Queenslanders buy and sell property for more than a century. For most of us, buying a property is one of the most significant investments we’ll make in our lives.

Our team guides clients through the necessary compliance and investigative steps necessary to de-risk the transaction for them. We identify, recommend and carry out all of those matters to properly advise our client and complete the conveyance of the property.

We’re here to make sure you are informed, protected and that the transaction proceeds smoothly and on time. Our team is always available to speak with you before and during the process.

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Our standard conveyancing fee for a house or land purchase covers:

  • reviewing the contract and providing advice on the terms, important dates and legal risks
  • negotiating any minor variations required to the contract
  • carrying out legal investigations to identify and provide advice against any registered or underlying encumbrances which may affect the property
  • preparing a written report based on search results and liaising with you regarding any issues
  • if you are obtaining finance to complete the purchase, we will liaise with your bank to book settlement
  • preparing Settlement adjustment figures taking into account outgoings, taxes and fees
  • attending to stamping the contract and associated documents in accordance with the Office of State Revenue requirements and preparing any necessary forms required for Settlement.
Photo of a couple buying a house
Photo of a couple selling a house

For Sellers

Our standard conveyancing fee for a house or land sale covers:

  • reviewing the contract and providing advice on the terms, important dates and
    legal risks
  • negotiating any minor variations required to the contract
  • liaising with the buyer’s solicitors
  • preparing Settlement adjustment figures
  • liaising with financiers (if any) in relation to settlement and payout figures
  • attending at Settlement whether in person or via PEXA (the National digital
    settlement platform).

Frequently asked questions

The short answer is yes. Conveyancing is the name given to the process of buying or selling property. In Queensland, conveyancing is highly regulated. It is imperative that all steps are completed correctly and on time to ensure a smooth process for the benefit of both parties. We can assist with the settlement and title transfer process by ensuring that you are meeting all legal obligations and that your rights are protected during this transaction.

With a fixed fee conveyance, we will provide a quote for the exact service you will receive, with no hidden extras. This quote will include professional fees and searches.

The purchase process is more complex and time consuming than a property sale. Conditions such as building and pest, finance and special conditions need to be met and possibly negotiated (and re-negotiated), along with liaising with brokers and financial institutions to meet deadlines. Purchase clients will also need to pay for property searches which will be outlined in your quote.

During the purchase process we will conduct searches on the property through the relevant council, service providers and Body Corporates (if applicable) in order to advise you of any issues or relevant information relating to your purchase. As there are hundreds of potential searches available to you (and not all have contractual rights), we will work with you to determine which ones are appropriate for your individual circumstances.

There are three key changes in the new residential contracts:

  1. The Seller or the Buyer can extend settlement (on more than one occasion) by up to a period of 5 business days. A party can exercise this right unilaterally and without any reason or justification.
  2. From 1 Jan 2022, dwellings or residential units for sale must, by law, have compliant smoke alarms installed. If compliant smoke alarms are not installed by the settlement date, the Buyer will be entitled to an adjustment of 0.15% of the Purchase Price payable. A right for the Buyer to access the Property with notice to inspect smoke alarms has also been included in the new Contracts.
  3. If there is a “non-shared” pool on the property, the Seller must now obtain a pool safety certificate and hand this over to the Buyer at settlement, unless a “Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate” is given to the Buyer before the Buyer signs the Contract. A failure of the Seller to do this will entitle the Buyer to terminate the Contract.

The majority of our business comes from referrals and repeat clients, which demonstrates the confidence that our colleagues and customers have in our abilities. Our clients appreciate our accessibility and the fact that they can contact a member of our team easily without delay. We have an established track record of success and focus on providing timely communications and solutions for our clients.

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