Think Nicholsons

Mar 28

Business check-in

We are hosting a 'business check-in' for business owners (or equivalent).

Due to the pandemic, it will be obviously held by 'teleconference' - via GoToMeeting software. This will permit joining by desktop, laptop, mobile device, landline etc.  You can join with audio only, or video if you wish.  Please choose a fairly quiet environment to join from - I find that mobile devices with headphones work best for me, but your experience may vary.

Discussions will be held in an environment of trust and confidentiality.  

The aim is to assist and support each other and to pool skills and different perspectives to assess problems, consider solutions and so on.

The intended format is as follows:

- briefly introduce ourselves and what we do (keep it short please);

- be prepared to talk about what is working well for you in business at the moment;

- be prepared to discuss what you, and your people, are struggling with.

It is not a forum for specific advice – rather, it's for initial discussions amongst mature business people, and then referral to appropriate resources or further private discussions as appropriate.   

I'd like to keep it at 30 - 45 minutes in length if possible.

It will be 100% free from all involved.

[The lawyer in me makes me say that you should all make your own costs arrangements as you see fit, should anything flow from it.]

It's at 12 o'clock Tuesday (Brisbane time) - and intended for 12pm each Tuesday after that until it's no longer needed.

If you're interested but haven't already been invited, then please email me, cc. to my assistant Apolina (, for details on how to join.

Stephen Robertson

Stephen is a commercial lawyer with extensive experience in advising businesses in areas of acquisitions and divestments, commercial agreements, structuring, legal risk and revenue issues. He also advises on property law, with a focus on commercial and industrial property.