Collection of personal information

As users of this website, we (Nicholsons Solicitors) will only collect limited personal information from you. This may include information such as IP addresses, or location information from mobile devices. Information of that type may be used for the purpose of analysing patterns of use of the website, for statistical data, and to provide relevant information to you.

If you become a client of ours, or contact us to enquire about becoming a client, then we may collect additional, more extensive information which is necessary for us to assess whether and how we can assist you – and if we do assist you, then to provide legal services to you. The information collected will depend on the nature of our engagement by you and our dealings with you, but often covers a wide range of financial information and information about your personal circumstances.  We will usually collect that information directly from you. Sometimes, we may need to obtain information from third parties to provide the services which you require. You are not obliged to provide us with information that we request, but any legal services which we may provide might have their effectiveness and function compromised, because of your failure to provide us with such information. If you do not provide us with information which we request then, in some circumstances, we may be unwilling or unable to provide you with legal services (or to continue to do so).

We may also use information collected to inform you about any developments in areas of law (or related information) that may interest you, and to help us design and communicate relevant marketing material. If you inform us that you do not wish to receive that sort of information or marketing material, then we will stop sending it to you.

Information collected is stored in our information technology systems, and in some cases also in physical records.

What about use and disclosure?

We will use personal information a) for the purpose for which it was collected and b) for any appropriate related purpose.

We won’t disclose your personal information to anyone, unless a) you consent or b) the law requires us to.


There is always some risk that personal information may be disclosed in unintended ways, or misused.  We have adopted security measures, which we will not describe further for security reasons, to reduce that risk.

We don’t intend to disclose your information outside Australia.

How to access or correct your personal information

If you believe that any information that we hold about you is inaccurate or out of date, then please contact us so we may review and consider updating the information.

To access or correct your personal information:

  1. If you are a client of ours, then please contact the person you usually deal with – or email us at
  2. If you’re a user of the website who isn’t a client, then email us at

We will not usually charge a fee for access to your personal information, if it is straightforward for us to access that.  If we need to recover information from storage (electronic, or physical), or provide you with information using a method which involves expense to us, then we may charge you a fee to recover the cost of accessing or retrieving the information. In some limited circumstances, it may be appropriate for us to charge professional fees for doing that – if we intend to do that, then we will comply with the relevant conduct rules which affect us, and tell you in advance.

Sometimes, we may not be willing or able to provide access to personal information. If we can (considering our legal obligations), we will tell you why we are not willing or able to provide access.


reCAPTCHA v3 has been installed on this website and your use of reCAPTCHA v3 is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. reCAPTCHA is used to fight spam and abuse on our website. reCAPTCHA API works by collecting hardware and software information, such as device and application data, and sending these data to Google for analysis. The information collected in connection with your use of the service will be used for improving reCAPTCHA and for general security purposes. It will not be used for personalized advertising by Google.


If you think your information has been mishandled, please contact Nicholsons Solicitors at or on telephone (07) 3226 3944.  We will consider your complaint, investigate if appropriate, and advise you of the outcome if appropriate.

Alternatively, you may be entitled to complain to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at, by mail at GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001, or by fax at 02 9284 9666.

How to contact us

Nicholsons Solicitors can be contacted at or on telephone (07) 3226 3944.