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Retaining walls – curb your encroachment

As Larry David says to his girlfriend, Donna, in Curb Your Enthusiasm: “Encroachment”. “Encroachment?” she replies. “Yes, you’re encroaching,” he says. Now Larry may have been talking about a [...]


Buying Management Rights Off the Plan

The commercial considerations to be made when buying an existing management rights are many and varied. These include: How many units in the complex? How many units are in [...]


Put and Call Option Agreements: Part Two

In part 2 of this series, Partner Matthew Russell takes a deep dive into the importance of ensuring Put and Call Option Agreements are drafted in your favour. In part [...]


Put and Call Option Agreements: Part One

In the first of two articles in this series, Partner Matthew Russell discusses the benefits of Put and Call Option Agreements and how they can work in your favour [...]


House of Dreams or House of Cards?

You’ve found your dream home, you’re excited to move straight in, then the agent gives you the bad news... it hasn’t been built yet and you have to buy [...]

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