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The problem with promises

“Let’s just cover that in the contract” is a phrase which I hear a lot. There’s a common misconception that so long as an issue is written down in [...]


Do memes breach copyright law?

From the early days of ‘lol cats’ and ‘rickrolling’ to Bernie Sanders and his mittens, internet memes have become a fundamental part of our modern youth culture. All across the [...]


Non-competes: How long is too long?

896 days. That’s the amount of time my 14-year-old daughter (let’s call her Jess) spent with a mouth full of metal, and yesterday, after 896 days she was finally [...]


Tips to successfully sell your business

If you’re planning to sell your business, what things are likely to improve your chances of success? I talk to many business owners who are planning or seeking to [...]


The road ahead?

Sixteen weeks ago, I wrote an article about how to make smart legal decisions in these uncertain times, taking inspiration from Cormac McCarthy's stunning post-apocalyptic novel 'The Road'. The changes [...]


Risky releases – part 2

In my previous article on 17 December, I wrote about what to consider when granting releases, commenting on the Queensland Supreme Court decision (Dormway Pty Ltd v Wichmann [2018] QSC 277). [...]


How broad is your release?

Granting releases can be dangerous, as illustrated by a recent Queensland Supreme Court decision about recovering money from a fraudulent employee (Dormway Pty Ltd v Wichmann [2018] QSC 277) Wichmann [...]

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