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2022 EOFY “Par-tee”

Recognising hard work and celebrating achievements is important to us here at Nicholsons, and what better way to say farewell to the 2022 EOFY than a mini golf and [...]


Top Tips for First Home Buyers

Buying your first property is undoubtedly terrifying – but this article should help those who need a little nudge before jumping off the diving board. 1. Get your finance [...]


Retaining walls – curb your encroachment

As Larry David says to his girlfriend, Donna, in Curb Your Enthusiasm: “Encroachment”. “Encroachment?” she replies. “Yes, you’re encroaching,” he says. Now Larry may have been talking about a [...]


Mutual Wills and Uneven Spouse Contributions

Have you brought more finances to your relationship than your spouse? It is not uncommon to meet couples in a relationship where one has more ‘finances’ to bring to [...]


What makes a good Executor?

One of the most difficult choices to make when developing your end-of-life plan is deciding who to appoint in the various roles that need to be taken on in [...]


What is a Will and why do I need one?

So, why do I need a Will? Everyone knows my family will just get what I own, right? There are a few problems with this approach: Not all assets [...]


What is a Testamentary Trust?

A Testamentary Trust is a method of gifting your assets after your death, via a Trust that is established by the terms of your Will. When your estate is [...]

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